Professional Bookkeeper

With over a decade of small and medium business bookkeeping experience, we can identify and solve problems while making your business run more efficiently. Trained in QuickBooks, we work quickly and accurately from your office or remotely. Learn more about our small business bookkeeping services in the Organizer Your Work page.

Professional Organizer

Take control of your life by taking control of and reducing the amount of stuff you have around your house. We are not a cleaning service who has to pick up after you every week. We teach you how to live a more organized life while helping you remove your clutter once and for all. We are not selling plastic boxes to slide under your bed. This is the real thing. Learn more about our organization services in the Organize Your House page.

Professional life coach

Need a calm ear to listen, a voice to say what you already know but haven’t connected the dots with. Together we can target road blocks that could be holding you back from the things you’ve always wanted. Have the relationship you’ve always thought you would be able to have with yourself and with others. With life coaching we set a goal and achieve them. Learn more about our life coaching services with the Organize Your Mind page.


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